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About Us & Custom Doll Orders

LoveLight Dolls is based in the US and sources only the highest quality, authentic dolls.

We are an authorized and licensed seller of WM Dolls and AI Tech Robots, we can also work with Fire Doll or El Doll to get you exactly what you're looking for.

Our photos are not doctored or photoshopped - what you see, is what you will receive. All dolls are shipped quickly and discreetly from our manufacturer, after a 5-7 day period where your doll is custom fitted and airbrushed to your desire. Dolls with additional options, such as implanted hair or gel breasts, can take a bit longer, but are worth the wait. Dolls range in height from 5'1" to 5'8" tall, and are 50 - 130lbs. Any doll can be fitted with lifelike self-lubrication, internal heating, and ultra-realistic gel breasts.

In addition to our wide selection of dolls, we can help customize and create your perfect mate. Hair, eyes, height, even the sex of the doll, can all be crafted to form your perfect partner.

The easiest way to create a custom doll is to use our customization tool to the right of the product. Any other help you need, we are always standing by. We are passionate about dolls and customer service, and are always happy to help.

Reach out to our discreet customer service at directly for any questions or to customize your new doll.

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